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Book Project

Ecology and Society: The social origins of ecological value (Under preparation.)

Ecology and Society uses a cross-national comparison of biodiversity offsetting schemes in the United States and Germany to develop a first-of-its-kind sociological treatment of ecological valuation and environmental governance in the Anthropocene.

Journal Articles


Casellas Connors, John and Christopher M. Rea. “Violent Entanglements: The Pittman-Robertson Act, Firearms, and the Financing of Conservation.” Conservation and Society. 20(1), 24-35.

Press Coverage:
The New York Times, August 26, 2022
Environmental Health News, May 31, 2022
The Globe and Mail, May 29, 2022


Frickel, Scott and Christopher M. Rea. “Drought, Hurricane, or Tornado? Assessing the Trump Administration’s Anti-Science Disaster.” EngagingScience, Technology, and Society 6, 66-75


Rea, Christopher M. “The EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Protection via Commodification?” Culture, Practice & Europeanization 4(1), 48-73. Special issue: “Countermovements in Europe? A Polanyian Perspective.” (data and code)


Lockhart, Andy and Christopher M. Rea (equal authorship). “Why there and then, not here and now? Ecological offsetting in California and England, and the sharpening contradictions of neoliberal natures.” Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space 2(3), 665-693.


Rea, Christopher M. “Regulatory thickening and the politics of market-oriented environmental policy.” Environmental Politics 28(7), 1167-1191.


Rea, Christopher M. “Theorizing command-and-commodify regulation: the case of species conservation banking in the United States.” Theory & Society 46(1), 21-56.

2017  Edward Shils – James Coleman Memorial Award for Best Student Paper, Honorable Mention. American Sociological Association, Theory Section.

2016  Early Career Workshop Award, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE).


Walker, Edward T. and Christopher M. Rea. “Pediatric Care Provider Density and Personal Belief Exemptions From Vaccine Requirements in California Kindergartens.” American Journal of Public Health 106(7), 1336-1341.


Rea, Christopher M. “Commodifying Conservation.” Contexts 14(1), 72-3.


Walker, Edward T. and Christopher M. Rea. “The Political Mobilization of Firms and Industries.” Annual Review of Sociology 40, 281-304.

Public Scholarship and Popular Writing


Casellas Connors, John and Christopher M. Rea. “Fewer Americans are hunting, and that raises hard questions about funding conservation through gun sales.The Conversation. March 21.


Rea, Christopher M. and Scott Frickel. “Weathering the Storm? The Trump Administration Anti-Science Disaster & COVID-19.” SKATOLOGY: Newsletter of the ASA Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology. May 22.


Pangborn, Nicole A and Christopher M. Rea. “Race, Gender, and New Essential Workers during COVID-19.” Contexts Special Issue/blog post on “Inequality During the Coronavirus Pandemic.” April 16.

Working Papers (available upon request)

Rea, Christopher M. and Scott Frickel. “­The Environmental State: A Partial Theory.”

Rea, Christopher M. “The Nature of Marketization: Environmental Protection and Institutional Change in the United States and Germany.”

Rea, Christopher M. “Sheep in Wolfs’ Clothing? Mobilization, bureaucrat activists, and regulatory subterfuge in American and German environmental policy.”

Rea, Christopher M. “Making Markets Fast and Slow: Commodification and the Emergence of Counter­-movements.”

Rea, Christopher M. “How Does the State Value Nature? Practices of Quantification and Valuation in Environmental Regulation.”

Rea, Christopher M. “Towards a Comparative and Historical Environmental Sociology.”