Book Project

Economy and Ecology: Environmental protection and institutional emergence in the United States and Germany (Under preparation.)

Journal Articles

Rea, Christopher M. 2017. “Theorizing command-and-commodify regulation: the case of species conservation banking in the United States.” Theory & Society 46(1), 21-56.

2017  Edward Shils – James Coleman Memorial Award for Best Student Paper, Honorable Mention. American Sociological Association, Theory Section.

2016  Early Career Workshop Award, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE).

Walker, Edward T. and Christopher M. Rea.  2016. “Pediatric Care Provider Density and Personal Belief Exemptions From Vaccine Requirements in California Kindergartens.” American Journal of Public Health 106(7) 1336-1341.

Rea, Christopher M. 2015. “Commodifying Conservation.” Contexts 14(1), 72-3.

Walker, Edward T. and Christopher M. Rea. 2014. “The Political Mobilization Of Firms And Industries.” Annual Review of Sociology 40, 281-304.


Under Review

Rea, Christopher M. “Regulatory thickening and the politics of market-oriented environmental policy.” (R&R at Environmental Politics)


Working Papers (available upon request)

Rea, Christopher M. “The Nature of Regulation: Environmental Protection and Institutional Innovation in the United States and Germany.”

Lockhart, Andy and Christopher M. Rea “The Neoliberalization of Nature—or Not: Ecological offsetting in the U.S. and the U.K.”

Rea, Christopher M. “Sheep in Wolfs’ Clothing? Mobilization, bureaucrat activists, and regulatory subterfuge in American and German environmental policy.”

Rea, Christopher M. “Making Markets Fast and Slow: Commodification and the Emergence of Counter­-movements.”

Rea, Christopher M. “How Does the State Value Nature? Practices of Quantification and Valuation in Environmental Regulation.”

Rea, Christopher M. “Towards a Comparative and Historical Environmental Sociology.”