Lab Group

Doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate students are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Rea to learn about research opportunities with RESL.

RESL is a student-centered, research-focused lab group that aims to generate actionable knowledge on questions of environment, nature, sustainability, and justice. We do basic social science research to help scholars and policymakers understand states, systems of governance, and human relationships with nature, always in the name of addressing some of the biggest and most vexing environmental challenges of our day: climate change, mass extinction, toxic pollution, and environmental injustice. At RESL, we see no opposition between basic and applied research. Ours is a mission of using basic knowledge to address practical questions and using practical questions to advance basic knowledge.

Use the Lab Group menu at the top of the page to learn more about the areas of research RESL is currently focused on, and to learn about the people that make RESL.