I am a teacher by training and by heart. Prior to becoming a sociologist, I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching at Clark University and taught high school physics, math, and general science for four years.  Students, be warned: the geeky, excitable science nerd of that past life still lurks inside me. Even in my lecture courses, I always work hard to develop rigorous, student-centered, inquiry-based learning experiences that require you to apply and extend the ideas we interrogate, generate and evaluate your own explanations, and to collaborate with your peers in the classroom.

Current Teaching at OSU

Public Service and Civic Engagement (PUB AFRS 2120)
A introduction to the politics and the praxis of political engagement and change-making in the 21st century, from voting to public protest. Required for undergraduate PA majors.
See a sample syllabus from Fall 2020.

Regulation: Power and Control in Economic Life (PUB AFRS 7535)
A graduate seminar offering an advanced, sociological (but fundamentally interdisciplinary) introduction to the ways that economic activity is and can be controlled and managed in advanced industrialized economies, including the political and cultural origins and effects of those efforts.
See a sample syllabus from Spring 2020.

Governing the end of the world? Environmental politics and policy in the Anthropocene (PUB AFRS XXXX)
Introductory undergraduate course on environmental policy in an era when humans are the dominant source of planetary change. In Development; to be offered in Spring 2021.

For anyone contemplating the more systematic study of public policy and public affairs at Ohio State,  it might be helpful to take a look at the full selection of the course offerings at the John Glenn College.  It might also be useful to explore how those courses fit into our undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Prior Teaching at UCLA

Environmental Sociology (SOCIOL M115/ENVIRON M133/SOCGEN M133)
A fast-paced upper-division elective designed to introduce students from the natural and social sciences to sociological approaches to understanding environmental problems.  See my sample syllabus from Summer 2017.

Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society (SOCGEN 005)
The intro course to UCLA’s Human Biology and Society major originally designed by Hannah Landecker and based in UCLA’s Insitute for Society and Genetics.  See my sample syllabus from Summer 2017.