I am a teacher by training and by heart. Prior to beginning my Ph.D., I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching at Clark University and taught high school physics, math, and general science for four years. I was a fellow in the National Science Teacher Association New Science Teacher Academy two of those years; this was a highly selective cohort of promising new science teachers selected for a maximum of two fellowship years. I always worked hard to develop rigorous, inquiry-based, and authentic learning experiences for my students.

At the university level, I have taught my own course four times: the introductory course for UCLA’s Human Biology and Society major (Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society) three times and an upper division Environmental Sociology course once.  I have also served as a teaching assistant for Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society, Societal and Medical Issues in Human Genetics, and Politics of Reproduction.  I received a Department of Sociology Excellence in Teaching Award the only time I worked as a teaching assistant for the entire academic year.

You can see a summary of my UCLA teaching evaluations here.

You can see a sample syllabus from my Environmental Sociology course here.